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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Need A Coffee

It is early morning and I’m on a boat headed for the city. I desperately need a coffee; you’ve all been there, I know.
We arose at six a.m. and leaped into action. I pulled on my jeans and boots then headed out the door with the dogs. They were still half asleep. Reluctant hounds.
I took a moment to enjoy the night sky. There’s not a lot of back scatter out here, so the sky was filled with billions of stars. What an awesome sight. The air was crisp and frosty; plumes of white mist arose from the dogs as they snuffled at this and that.
With a sigh of resignation I unlocked the door to the hobbit hole beneath the house. I flicked on the light, and, bent at the waist, made my way to the back of the area where the snow tires for the truck are stored. I grabbed one and headed back outside. Three trips later all four tires were in the back of the truck and ready for the trip across the tickle. (bay) I locked up and called the dogs back inside.
The coffee pot was waiting, calling to me in a silken seductive voice that was hard to resist, but the dogs had to be fed and I had to get ready. Have you ever had one of those days when the closet rebels and refuses to yield up anything resembling a descent outfit. Oh yeah, today was the day. Sigh
After managing to beat the closet into submission, I managed one mouthful of coffee before bolting from the house. We waited a half hour in a long line, but did manage to get on the right boat. Whew.
K has promised to buy me breakfast, with lots of coffee. Life is good. So, here’s what I’m staring at as the boat gently rocks, and rocks, and my eyes are getting heavy.

 I will not fall asleep…zzz…I will not fall asleep…zzz… Oh gods, I need a coffee…

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