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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi folks, we’re back to playing the Versatile Blogger Award game again. Actually, I love this game of dishing our awards to fellow bloggers who deserve the recognition. I have received the reward many times, and I am deeply honored each time, but, due to time restrictions, have not participated as often as I would like. So, today is my day to play!
It is a cold (-12 and a lot more out in the wind) but sunny day. To get myself in the right frame of mind I took the dogs out for a brisk walk and now I’m wide awake and ready to play. Here are the rules:
1.      Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2.      Add the award picture to your blog if you so desire.
3.      Nominate other bloggers you believe deserve the award.
4.      Share seven random and unusual things about yourself.

The first think I must do is thank Barry Crowther for giving me this wonderful award. Barry’s blog is always a great read, you can find it here:  Thanks Barry, you da man.

Next, for those I nominate, please know that participation is strictly voluntary. I’m really not trying to make work for you, I just want to tell the world how great you are.

Now for bloggers who deserve the award. It gives me great pleasure to pass this award on to a few folks who always give me something new and different to read. Check them out; I know you’ll love them as I do.

I want to include one more here. This lady is new, but has a world of promise and her blog is evolving with each post. Check out this rising star.

Seven things about me. Hmm.  Brace yourselves.
1.      I once sat on Hadrian’s Wall.
2.      I’m learning to play the Irish Drum
3.      I like windy weather
4.      I prefer to drive stick
5.      I can’t touch type
6.      I love tall sexy boots
7.      My hand writing is illegible. Sometimes even I can’t read it.

So that’s it for today folks. Please do check out the blogs I have mentioned, they’re well worth a look.

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