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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gorinthians Review

Cover for 'Gorinthians'

Recently I ready Gorinthians by Justin Mitchell. I waited a few days before writing this as I wanted to let it settle in my mind a bit. There are a few small issues with writing style, but these are completely inconsequential. These will disappear as the author gains experience. It is the story that grabs you and holds your attention. Justin makes you imagination work to keep up. Throughout this tale he explores many varied concepts that have intrigued me for years. Science is now beginning to believe that many of these things are possible.

The story of Gorinthians is a sweeping tale that will easily carry over into a full series. Fans of Robert Jordan should feel right at home with Gorinthians. It will leave you (like me) waiting for the next installment. So, sit back, relax and journey across multiple universes into strange and wondrous worlds. Gorinthians is a perfect escape from the day to day grind. Well done, Justin.

You can find more of Justin's work here:

Have you found any great new authors lately? Got a first or second book for me to read? Talk to me, people. :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I have to say my tastes are a bit different, but thanks for the review!

    I haven't found a new author, but I've discovered two that have been around for awhile, but whose work I haven't read.

    T. Greenwood writes literary fiction. I recently read her book This Glistening World, and it was beautiful. Her human insight and understanding is spot-on, and her words are lyrical like poetry.

    Speaking of lyrical writing - the other author I "discovered" is Alice Hoffman. I'm reading The Dovekeepers, and my goodness...beautifully written. I can't always read page after page of a character's thoughts. Sometimes, Stephen King holds my imagination like that. But not many authors do. Hoffman does. I don't need dialogue. I just need her poetry.

    1. Hi April, everything boils down to what we like, doesn't it? If you're into sci-fi / fantasy, this rocks. If you're not then it probably won't. It's all about personal taste.
      Thanks for the tips on the new authors.

    2. Some fantasy, I can do. But some I can't, so I hesitate in buying it or buy it from author friends in support. I love YA, I'm slowwwwly following in love with dystopian, literary, women's fiction, crime/mystery...some historical fiction...okay, now I'm going off topic. Sorry!

  2. I love stories that make us think, particularly about the "what ifs..." Thanks for the review, Prudence! Seems I find new authors almost daily lately. At the moment, I'm submersed in and loving Roni Loren's, Crash Into You.

    1. Hi August. I'll check out Roni Loren too.

  3. I don't read a lot of sci fi, but I always find the idea of wormholes very interesting!
    Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Coleen, yeah, imagine going halfway across the galaxy in the blink of an eye. Awesome!

  4. Thank you so much for the review! I am very grateful and honored to be recognized by such a distinguished author. While my first two novels have a heavy tone of Robert Jordan and David Eddings, my current works definitely have a strong Prudence MacLeod influence as well.

    It's amazing how much you can learn by writing a novel, lol. Gorinthians was actually my first, and the grammar was beyond belief horrible. Marlaine would go through and edit it, with descriptions why this or that should be done this way. By the time I finished fixing the edits, I felt like a fairly competent writer. Then I did a revision to the story and didn't wait for Marlaine to edit it again, (she said something about, "why don't you write the story just once and then have me edit it?", lol.) I didn't learn my lesson, because Shalilayo was revised about six times after her edits. It still amazes me how many typos can sneak into a manuscript when you really get into writing mode. No matter how many times I read one of my novels, I find another typo lurking guiltily in plain site, lol.

    I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are spending so much time helping beginner authors! Thanks again, for everything!


    1. Yep, typos are like zombies, the nasty little buggers are everywhere and nobody is immune, not even the most successful authors can escape them. tee hee Nasty little typos, we hates them Precious, yes we do.


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