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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TDOR Special

Hi Folks,

As promised, I have a surprise for everybody. I have always tried to educate as well as entertain in my books and in keeping with that sentiment, and in honor of TDOR, all my books featuring trans folks are on super sale for the next two days. In fact they are free.

Here is the list, coupon codes, and links:

Seela: ML39F

A Simple Twist of Fate: TP68A

Shelly's Turn: RD95Q

Dark Traveler: ZA53U

Seela features a lesbian couple, Twist of fate a hetero couple, Shelly is about teens learning to deal. All are romances.
Dark Traveler is a fantasy adventure. It was designed to give trans and intersexed youth a hero of their own.

Please enjoy the stories, folks. They are my gift to you on this Transgender Day of Remembrance.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Dark Traveler Comes

Hi Folks,

Sorry I missed posting last week, but as they say, "Life is what happens while you make other plans."
However, we're back on track this week. So, with that in mind, here's what's new for this coming week.

We are ready to release Dark Traveler at last. Our cover artist wasn't able to meet the deadline, but our magical editor has managed to create a cover for the book. I think she's done a fine job. So, here's the cover.

Sometimes the thing you fear most is the one thing you truly need. Dale, a young thief on the run is surely in need.
This is an adventure story set in a medieval world. Dale is a transgender teen trying to survive on his own.

Look for Dark Traveler to appear in the next few days. I will post again when it goes live.

ROW80 check in:

I have to confess I haven't written a thousand words in two weeks. Sigh. Life sure can get in the way sometimes. 

So, here we go again. I am going to shoot at four thousand words this coming week. I also want to get Dark Traveler up in time for the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Well, that's it for me this time. I will post again as soon as Dark Traveler goes live.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Price Drop and People Watching

AD: All Prudence MacLeod books reduced in price by 40-80%. Get 'em while they're hot!!!

Hi Folks,

Well, it's November already. November is a month or remembrance here in Canada. We have our national Remembrance Day ceremonies to remember those who fell in battle on Nov. 11th

Also November is the month for another day of remembrance, Transgender Day of Remembrance. This is a day for transgendered folks, their families, and their allies, to remember and honor the one whose lives were taken by fearful and violent people. That date is Nov. 20th. We'll be releasing a new book featuring trans heroes in time for this event.

Okay, I promised you some people watching. Here goes.

The Writer: 
The cold rain lashed against the coffee shop windows as we shed our wet coats and greedily sipped at the hot liquid we had braved the elements for. The shop was fairly full considering the weather. there were only a couple of laptops in evidence and few phones. For the most part folks were chatting with each others and watching the rain. Not her.

She was dressed casually as were we all, but her clothes screamed of money. Her posture was that of a woman from past centuries, edge of the chair, back ram rod straight, one leg crossed over the other. 

The girl looked to be in her thirties, immaculately groomed, make-up perfect and not a single hair out of place. Her face remained firmly impassive as her fingers flew across the keyboard of her wafer thin Mac laptop, as though it was frozen, incapable of expression or that it might show a wrinkle.

We were there for quite a while, but she never stopped, sipped her drink, or acknowledge anyone else in the room. She had put her perfectly contrived image on display then sent her mind off world. We would all be allowed to admire, but not engage.

Meanwhile we chatted away, I flirted shamelessly with one fellow who had brought his own cream because it was real cream, but that's another story.

 ROW80 Check-in.
It is NaNoWriMo (National Write a Novel in a Month) month and for the first time in years I am not participating. However, I do have my reasons, but that's a tale for another time. Experience has taught me that ROW80 is far more helpful to me in the long run.

This past week I did manage another two thousand words. Yay me! hehehe
In honor of NaNo I will shoot for five thousand a week this month.
I also want to read more of your blogs.

Well, that's it for me this week, folks. If you're doing NaNo I will be cheering you on, and if you're not, I'll be cheering you on anyway.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hi Folks, 
It's been a crazy week here and there is a lot of really great stuff coming in November. So while I get back to work on that, here's another way to look at the world. More stories from the easy chair:

Think like a life master.
Think like a life master? How do we do that? Here’s how. Something unusual has happened? Disaster or blessing? Is it worth exploring? Do not judge it, examine it first. Remain calm, keep the emotion out of it, and examine the situation. Here are a couple of stories to help you understand.
One day, as the people gathered in the market square as was their custom each day, something unusual happened. A cart overturned, blocking the narrow street which most people used to access the square. Worse yet, the horse was still trapped in the traces and was kicking at everyone who tried to get near, thus preventing people from clearing the street. The harder they tried, and the more frustrated they got, the more the horse fought them. This went on for some time, and everyone was very upset as they could not get to the market square.
Suddenly there was a shout from the back of the crowd. “Look, it’s the old master from the hills, he will know what to do.” Everyone stopped shouting and rushed to the old man as he slowly approached. “Master, Master, a cart has fallen and the horse will not let us clear it away, we cannot get to market. Please help us.”
Smiling to himself, the old man approached to view the situation closely. The frightened horse lashed out at him and he danced nimbly out of the way. The old fellow looked carefully at the horse, then at the cart, then smiled to himself as he walked around the block and entered the square from another direction. Quietly, the others followed him, embarrassed. The old fellow then approached the horse from the front, calmed him, shared a carrot, then unhooked the tired animal from the traces and led him to the water.
Moral of the story? Take another look before you act. Knee jerk reactions are rarely the best solutions, and the proper solution will usually present itself if you just take a second look. It comes back to asking yourself a better question, or a different question. The question here for most of the people was not “How do we clear away the cart that is blocking the street?” it was, “How do we get into the square?” See, different questions bring different solutions.
Ok, here’s another story. A young fellow preparing for university was called home early by his father, the carpenter. His father had been laid off, worse yet, the money for the boy’s education had been invested poorly. The family was bankrupt. The boy fell into depression and didn’t speak for weeks until he had a visit from his grandmother. “What am I supposed to do now?” he wailed. “Dad ruined my life.”
“Your life is only in ruins if you choose it to be,” she smiled softly.
“So, what am I supposed to do now, pump gas for the rest of my life?”
“Work is a privilege, not a birthright. If this is the work you have been allotted, then be the best damn gas pumper in the world. Be so good everyone in town will come to you for their gas just because it is you.” With that, she walked out of his room.
Think like a master.
The next morning he went to work, vowing to heed her advice. Even though he worked for a self serve station, he began pumping gas, checking oil, washing windshields, and every Monday morning thereafter he gave every female customer a rose.
Where is he now? He retired early, owner of dozens of stations, a well known franchise. Many of his school chums who went to university ended up working for him. His business manager, his accountant, lawyer, etc.
So, what happened? He asked a better question. “How can I turn this situation to my advantage? His grandmother visited the next day with the answer. Moral of the story? Never panic. I too have lost a business I spent years building up. Sudden bankruptcy wasn’t my best day, but life handed me new opportunities, new directions, and I have greatly enjoyed the journey. I still am, and you can too.
Think like a master, enjoy the journey, be blessed.
If you have questions, or if there is a point you would like to discuss with me, or if there is something you would like to see me address, don’t be shy, drop me a line.
Now for the ROW80 check-in:
This was another slow week at the keyboard, but I did manage to write another two thousand words.
My target for next week is yet another two thousand words. Yes, I know it's NaNo month. I have been successful at NaNo several years in a row, but one day I will tell you how NaNo nearly ruined my writing career. This year I will work in reverse. I will attempt to write only a couple of chapters during November.
 If you're doing NaNo I will be cheering you on. It is an exercise well worth doing and I may return to it next year with a fresh perspective.
Well, that's it for me this week. Drop me a line to let me know how you're getting on.
Bright Blessings

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Taking the Pledge

Hi Folks,

Advice from the easy chair. 

Us old folks have tons of stuff to share and from time to time someone even asks for it. Once again I've been asked to share the pledge, so here you go!

 "I, Prudence MacLeod, do hereby give up all hope of a better past. The things that have happened there shall remain there; I take the lessons learned from those experiences and turn my focus forward to the present and future. I forgive anyone and everyone who has ever harmed me in any way, (no matter how deep or painful the hurt), and I ask forgiveness for any and all harm I may have caused (deliberately or otherwise). I will now seek ways to lead a more loving and fulfilling life."

I keep this handy on my computer and reread often. May it serve you well as it has me.

Okay, on to the ROW80 Check-in.
I will confess I haven't written a lot this week. I've spent a lot more time plotting and planning new strategies for the upcoming publication year. 
However, I did manage to get three thousand words written. I'm writing this one just for me to enjoy. (Yes I will share it with you when it is done, but I make no promises as to when that might be.)
Here's hoping you all outdid me and are having buckets of success.

Bright Blessings

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another Sneak Peak

Hey folks,

Last week I gave you a sneak peek into a new book. Sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control, the launch date has been pushed back to Early December. However, do not despair, the one scheduled for release in November is still on track. So, here's a peek into that one.


Lungs bursting, eyes bulging in terror, the young thief fled through the marketplace; if they caught him again they would cut off his hands. Fifteen summers would be too short a life; Dale wanted more. Fighting desperately for air, and an escape route, he ran on.

“Stop thief!” came the cry that followed him as he sped through the market town. Dale knocked people down, pulled over carts of fruit, knocked apart stalls, and anything else that he could do to slow his pursuers. Whimpering in terror, he clutched the loaf of stolen bread to his small immature breasts as he ran; ahead loomed the city gate and the promise of freedom beyond. Dale fled toward it.
As Dale neared the gate two burly town watchmen suddenly appeared between him and the freedom it promised. “Not so easy this time,” roared one of the watchmen. “We’ve got you now, my lively young fellow.” He swept his long pike pole toward Dale’s legs in an attempt to trip him up. Dale leaped nimbly over the pike and then dove between the legs of the second watchman. With a forward roll Dale was on his feet and out the gate. In a few moments more he had gained the trees. Once in the trees he easily eluded what was left of the pursuit. Those fat townsmen would never go much farther than the gate.

At last Dale sank to the ground still clutching the bread. Tearing off a piece, he began to eat ravenously. “Too close,” he thought to himself, “far and away too close.” Dale would have to leave this town behind and find another place to ply his trade.

Saving half the bread for morning, Dale set off through the trees. Wary as any deer, he made certain he was not followed. At last he came to his home, a huge hollowed out oak tree. That oak was probably Dale’s only friend in the world. Careful to leave no trail for anyone to follow, he crawled into the hollow of the welcoming tree. “Home at last,” he sighed.

So there it is. Watch for this one to appear next month. 

Now on to ROW80

Okay, time to set the goals and aspirations for this round. If any of you remember, I started out this year with lofty ambitions. Sadly, a lot of everyday life got in the way and messed me up. There were illnesses in the family (including me) as well as lots of unseen outside pressures. So, the year will now be a rousing success as I envisioned.

However, having said that, we do have two new novels to launch this round and I am excited about that. Getting these two launched is the big goal for this round.

On the writing front, I am working on a story just for me. (Yes, I will share it with you all once it is finished. tee hee) I plan to take my time with this one. I'm also going to try something new for me. Plotting. (Ow, it even hurt to say it.) I also plan to do a lot more reading this round.

The goal: Reach twenty thousand words on the new WIP by Christmas. This week, shoot for two thousand words, no more.

Somebody hold me back:

That's it for me this time folks. Hope you liked the intro to the new story. Drop me a line to say hello.

Bright Blessings

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Ghost Story for Halloween

Hi folks,

Well, we did get Dark Star ready before Halloween. Just in time, right? Check it out.

So, what's next? Well, our latest effort is called Coming Home. It's a bit of a demon hunter story. We're just waiting for the cover now and hope to get it up before Halloween as well. What's that? you want a peek between the pages? Okay, here you go...

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