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Melanie was a teenager when she driven to flee Harker's Island and the madness that surrounded her family there. More than a dozen years later, she quietly returned. She hoped to find some peace and closure, but it is not meant to be.  Small towns have long memories. Melanie has not been forgotten, nor forgiven. when trouble erupts, will she rise up and become the hero needed to save the town, or will she walk away and leave them all to their fate.

In the guise of a mad outlaw came a miracle, a salvation.  What would the rescued slave do when saved from death to rise to power?  Seek revenge, and she would have it, one way or another.


The government hushed her, the media ridiculed her, and others in her field turned their backs on her ... until the day she rose up to take command of an alien war fleet. Will the world that shunned her now trust her to save them from certain annihilation?

Corelian Guard Series

Hunter - Corelian Guard Series Book 1

The government kidnapped her mother, some unknown entity killed er father; she's been on the run most of her life. These two forces constantly hunt her, one wants her as a specimen, the other wants her dead. A third group is about to enter the chase, sending the greatest hunter in the universe, but this one is planning to help her. Tracy is about to get an ally.

Empire's Advance - Corelian Guard Series Book 2

Their home world is safe, but the Enemy is on the move against their allies. Can Tracy, the Hunter, and their small team forstall an entire empire? Can they manage to hide and protect their allies? Can they trust new allies? Can they even survive? Unknown at this time.

Empire's Fall - Corelian Guard Series Book 3

Each timethe Empire ups their attack, Tracy evolves to counter their attempts to find and destroy her and her clan. With each new change she becomes more the cold deadly Offspring and less Tracy, but even the Offspring her her limits, or does she? And in the end, even if she thwarts the Empire, will anything of the real Tracy remain? The future is unclear.

Nova Series

Novan Witch - Nova Series Book 1

Hunted and in hiding, the most powerful witch in generations works the battlefields as a healer, seeking, waiting for the day she will return. When that day comes the world will change forever.

Assassin of Nova - Nova Series Book 2

They augmented his body, they murdered his family, but they will pay. By his hand they will pay and pay dearly.

Beyond Nova - Nova Series Book 3

Out beyond Nova, a lone star is slowly drifting away from the galaxy, lies a lone star with a terrible secret. The secrets hidden on Exile may well hold the fate of the entire Galactic Empire, but can the get there and still return?

Claimstake - Nova Series Book 4

A young Novan is kidnapped, and the result of that action could cost the Novans. Beset from within and without, there's only one place for them to hide, the most dangerous area of space on the galaxy. The Gap. The question isn't can the control it, but can they even survive it?

Red Nova - Nova Series Book 5

From across vast reaches of space and time comes an enemy bent on revenge, but there's a small band of refugees standing in the way. How can they possibly thwart the plans of a machine that has demolished armadas? No matter, they intend to try for they are relentless and as unforgiving as the enemy they face.

Forgotten Worlds Series

Suvi - Forgotten Worlds Book 1

Enslaved as a child, her DNA altered until she was barely half human, Jeannie Sorenson still managed to engineer her escape back to the ship that brought her to that deadly planet. Could humans accept her now that she was half alien? Could she learn to interact with them and still retain her freedom? And why the hell did they keep asking her for answers when they didn't want to hear them?

Echo of the Past - Forgotten Worlds Book 2

On a long abandoned planet lies a wealth of useful salvage, and more. Something that one inhabited this forgotten world is still there. It may be possible to return the alien to life, but that will open up another box of possibilities, some good, some not so much.

Survivors - Forgotten Worlds Series Book 3

Shipwrecked on an abandoned planet in a massive storm, injured, and facing unknown dangers Jake must find a way to survive. Worse yet, his only companion is a superpowered alien girl who can't survive without others of her own kind nearby. This is no place for a starship boy who's never even been out in the rain. Wait, something moved in the shadows.

Ship - Forgotten Worlds Book 4

After a brutal battle with a vengeful enemy the last starship Reacher returns to the system of derelict and abandoned ships to make repairs and hopefully create a real warship with which to defend the last remnants of humanity and a few other shattered species. It won't be that easy, you know, human nature and all that.

Fleet - Forgotten Worlds Book 5

A rag tag band of species arrive in a field of debris, in hopes of finding some way to secure their long term survival, to find some way to protect themselves from a more aggressive species should they inadvertently encounter one.

Unite - Forgotten Worlds Book 6

The Wandering Fleet stumbles into an ancient war and must defend itself. To survive they need resources available on the planet, but the gods have demanded their death. To reunite a scattered race and protect her own people, the admiral will go to war with the gods themselves.

I.G.E.N. - Forgotten Worlds Book 7

A huge ship is discovered halfway between two star systems. Closer inspection shows it to be inhabited, but the inhabitants have devolved to a primitive society. It all comes apart when a peaceful envoy is attacked and a member captured. This thing isn't just an intellectual exercise anymore, now it's personal.

T.E.N. - Forgotten Worlds Book 8

In need of supplies the fleet arrives at yet another new system. This planet contains the remains of a vanished civilization, and the species that destroyed it. telepathic, invisible, and antagonistic, they seek to destroy the newcomers. It falls to Suvi-Ten to discover the dangers and treasures of this seemingly abandoned planet. In this final tale we learn the hidden secrets of the SUVI.

Children of the Goddess Series

Lady Blue - Children of the Goddess Book 1

In service to an ancient goddess, she hunts the mean streets, tha dark places where no one should go. Striking from the shadows she defends the weak, the tormented, then vanishes into the night. She is Lady Blue; best not to make her angry.

Fallen Angel: The Dark Priestess - Children of the Goddess Book 2

Sometimes the desire for vengeance runs too deep. The warrior of the darkness known as the Fallen Angel is hunting, killing, and nothing can stop her, not even the goddess who made her.

Lady Justice - Children of the Goddess Book 3

There's a difference between lawful and justice. Tasha insists on justice, cold, hard, immediate and unrelenting justice, and she's been given the power to make it happen. Appearing from the shadows she will deliver a swift and terrible retribution, no lawyers, no plea bargains, and no pardons. Justice.

Lady Shadow Children of the Goddess Book 4

Evil lurks in the shadows, feeding on poverty, helplessness, and ignorance. Lady Shadow emerges to restore the balance between light and the darkness. Her power is limitless and she is utterly unpredictable. She is watching, and the gods alone know what she'll do, or do they, and then there's that dang dragon of hers.

Lady Seeker Children of the Goddess Book 5

Running is a waste of time. The bounty hunter is tireless, relentless, and ultra focused. You can't outrun her, you can't outsmart her, you can't bribe her, and she'll never stop. She's called Lady Seeker. She can find anyone, any time, anywhere, once on the hunt she will find her target, every time. Is she coming for you?

The Watcher and the Warrior - Children of the Goddess - Book 6

Two were broken then resurrected, renewed, enhanced. One is a visionary, the other an unstoppable warrior. Once they meet and begin to work together the world will change, must change, for they will not stop, and ever the shadow watches over them.

Shadow Ascending - Children of the Goddess - Book 7

The world is falling under the spell of darkness, evil, and even the goddess Moragah cannot hold it back. It's time for a new and stronger goddess to take up the task, and although Shadow doesn't like the title, She's more than ready to take on the battle.

Children of the Wild Series

Immortal TigressChildren of the Wild - Book 1

A primitive human female gazes in awe at the burning meteor hurtling toward her, unaware of the great beast stalking her. All three meet in an instant. Flash forward a few million years, yes she's still here, she's always been here, in the shadows, ready to strike with gleaming fangs.

Children of the Wolf - Children of the Wild - Book 2

The remains of an ancient tribe, their children stolen and tortured, their best fighters slain, the parents forced to do unspeakable things, and their elders driven into hiding. Their one hope is an old friend, his mother, and the king they both serve. But how to find them...

Vampire's Lair - Children of the Wild - Book 3

The vampire king's promise of sanctuary and protection is in danger, a maddened beast has gone on a rampage. The king reluctantly sends the youngest vampire to deal with it. The beast is a werebear, ancient, savage, and elusive, a deadly killer. She has to keep him out of the public eye and stop the carnage, but first she has to catch him.

The Hawk and the Wolf -  Children of the Wild - Book 4

He's a young werewolf coming into his adult power, she's an older woman dealing with a major life change. She knows she'll have to deal with him, but she's falling for the guy. It's never easy. And then there's the mouse, what is she going to do about that?

The Oregon Incident - Children of the Wild  Book 5

An abandoned town rests deep in the forest. Something evil dwells therein and it falls to the hawk and wolf to solve the mystery; to remove the evil. It's not going to be easy.

Race the Wind - Children of the Wild Book 6

Another mission takes the hawk and wolf out of their comfort zone and will test them to the limits. unknown to them they also are being hunted. Can they even survive this one; even if they do will their love survive? Only time will tell. And then there's the queen's visions of the hawk's destiny.

Heir to the Throne - The Children of the Wild Book 7

A twist of fate puts Rhonda in a position of command with the fate of all depending on her success, but the man she most depends on just sits waiting for orders. Utterly terrified of failure and its consequences, she prepares to give it her best. Will she succeed, or will their carefully guarded existence be exposed. Only time will tell.

The Elvish Chronicles Series

Rise of the Queen - The Elvish Chronicles Book 1

After the war that broke the world, the elves survived, yet defeated and in the chains of slavery. For a hundred generations the one power lay dormant, waiting for the true queen to be reborn. It began with the arrival of the ancient assassin. On that fateful night the sounds of a sleeping woman would change the world forever.

The Road Home - The Elvish Chronicles Book 2

The freed Elves face a long hard march through the forest to Elfhome, and winter is fast approaching, they're being hunted, and more. They must cross the ruins of Elanda before the snows catch them in the open. And then there's all that mad magic still active from that long ago battle to contend with; not all will survive it, if any.

A Winter Siege - The Elvish Chronicles Book 3

The people hide withing the walls of the cities, the refugees huddle together against the bitter winds, and Elvish warrios hold the forests. Only the chrushing cold of winter keeps the lands from erupting in a violent confrontation, but it can't last, and ever the witch of Elanda wanders the lands bringing both hope and fear wherever she goes.


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