Over 20 years ago, I started writing the sorts of stories that I wanted to read - stories where ordinary people do extraordinary things as their lives take unexpected twists and turns. My stories are brimming with all kinds of different people - LGBTQ2, straight, all colors, ages, shapes and sizes, sometimes from this world, other times not. 

I believe good fiction should entertain and have a momentum of its own that will transport readers away from the stresses of their daily lives.  In an age of rampant sexualization and violence across entertainment media, I offer an alternative:  satisfying stories to sweep you up into a different world where people, much like you, overcome challenges and have remarkable adventures. 

I started my writing career under the pen name, Prudence Macleod.  More recently, I've added titles under J.L. Crandall and Jenni Leigh.  

When I'm not writing, I'm reading, knitting, DIY-ing or dog walking on a small island at the bottom of a bay off the larger island of Newfoundland, Canada, where I live with my partner of 28 years.


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